Who We Are

n 2016, we wanted to create a new business model, studying all the traditional forms of exercise. Doing a home-based workout, we decided to look at the concept of muscle confusion and utilize it to create a boutique cycling studio. With the success of indoor cycling, our thought was, "let's give members a choice of two different cardio workouts, all under one roof." By using a variation of cycling bikes, members can switch back and forth between two different bikes, challenging their bodies each time they worked out.  This is how Cyclinsanity Fitness was created.

The Cyclinsanity Fitness Strategy

  • Twice the rooms. Twice the bikes. Twice the fun
  • Provice intense, low-impact cardio workouts that are fun and enjoyable for riders of all ages and experience levels.
  • Be a destination for cycling lovers
  • Have an amazing staff of great, enthusiastic and talented instructors
  • Create an enjoyable atmosphere in our rooms with a combination of lights, music and video that cannot be matched.