Our Team


Cindy Nolan

Cindy holds certifications as a Personal Trainer, Group Fitness Instructor, Spin Instructor, as well as certifications in TRX and Boot Camp. Cindy believes that fitness is here to be enjoyed - that it provides us with the ability to lead a healthy & happy lifestyle. Her philosophy is: never be afraid to try new things.


After a lifelong passion for personal fitness, Ilona pursued instructing to help others be healthier and happier. She’s been a certified spin instructor for over 8 years. She holds cycling certifications, MADD Dog, Gear, RealRyder, ICG Cycling, along with many Group Fitness and Personal Training certifications. Ilona is an avid Road Bike Cyclist and prides herself in creating challenging indoor cycling classes that simulate a true cycling experience. Her enthusiastic love for cycling is infectious and her instruction style will inspire you to challenge yourself, focus on proper form, find your inner passion, and always maintain a huge smile while you peddle.


Natalie is a certified group fitness instructor that specializes in aqua, cycle, strength training, boot camp and TRX. She holds several indoor cycling certifications -- MADD Dog Athletics, Keiser, Schwinn, ICG Matrix and Real Ryder. Her classes are full of energy and are sure to get you motivated. Class profiles and choreography are designed to challenge all fitness levels to help achieve personal health and fitness goals. She is a mother of two with 20+ plus years in financial services and decided to pursue her group fitness career full time 3 years ago. Natalie is an avid runner and cyclist who loves to be a part of the exciting change that exercise brings to people's lives.


Natalie Ann is a long-distance cyclist and an ACE-certified fitness instructor and personal trainer for 20 years. She has certifications with MADD Dog Athletics and is certified on the ICG Matrix and Real Ryder bikes.  

"Success is on the other side of your comfort zone...."


Rebecca is a cycling instructor certified in MADD Dog Athletics, Schwinn, and ICG Matrix. Her fitness journey began over 5 years ago when she decided to change her lifestyle and experienced a significant amount of weight loss through cycling classes. Her classes provide an outlet and therapeutic setting that help her students take the weight of the world off their shoulders. She constantly enhances her cycling education through continuing education courses and additional certifications. Playlist and profile design are what you will often find her doing in her spare time. Rebecca also has her bachelor’s in Italian Language, is a nursing student at the bachelor level, is a wife, and new mom.

Michelle Aprile

Michelle has been teaching classes for about 25 years, but fitness has been a part of her life for her entire life. Michelle really loves teaching cycling classes and she enjoys being able to push others to get the best workout they can. 

brett melElli

Brett is a keen indoor cyclist who is determined to inspire his passion for cycling in others. He is certified through MADD Dog Athletics and ICG Matrix. His class profiles are energetic and designed for riders to “feel” the music, push themselves to get stronger and encourage riders of all levels to achieve their personal fitness goals.