What exactly is Cycl-Piyo? We combined a short 30-minute cycling ridewith a low impact workout that combines Pilates and Yoga. This workout will sculpt, strengthen and stretch your body like never before. Take a moment to sweat while finishing up in a zen-like state of mind!


CYCL-Barre is a one hour total body workout ride to the rhythm for 30 minutes and then hit the barre with a mix of pilates, dance , yoga and functional training. The moves are choreographed to motivating music. You'll use our barres, exercise balls, bands and hand weights to sculpt, slim and stretch your body!


We combined two of the most popular cardio fitness workouts on the planet! A high-intensity circuit-training combination of riding on one of our sets of unique cycling bikes, along with some intense punching and kicking combos on our kickboxing fitness bags. If this class doesn't make you sweat then nothing will!


Are you a fan of circuit training or OTF? Our approach to this popular class uses matrix bikes instead of treadmills along with TRX bands, kettle bells, plyo boxes and more. You will move from station to station in this 50-minute intense workout and feel the burn! 


This 60-minute challenge offers a combination of bike intervals on the REAL Ryder bike, plus high-intensity short bursts of strength training off the bike, will give you a complete, full-body workout that you will feel the next day. Plus, you will be using a special heart rate monitor to maximize your efforts.


This is a 55-minute class that incorporates 25-30 minutes cycling on the Matrix with a  25 minute floor workout, working on core movements that improve your posture and tones hips thighs and stomach using modern pilates-based movement.


This is a 45-minute class that incorporates speed work, heavy hill climbs, tap backs, pushups on the handle bars as well as a light weight section. This class is all about the rhythm and beat. You will be using our Matrix bikes for this ride.


This 50-minute interval ride incorporates all elements of strength, endurance and recovery.  All heart-rate zones and all terrains. Learn to harness your power with this all inclusive class. You will be on our Matrix bikes for this ride


Want to de-stress yourself after a long day? Come on in and join us for a fun-filled ride where we forget our troubles and sweat our cares away. The ride will be filled with hills, climbs, sprints, but more than! After we're done, we can go chill out and have a drink! Let's get you decompressed and in better health!