Bikes and Abs

Bikes and Abs is a one hour total body workout where you ride to the rhythm for 30 minutes and then hit the barre with a mix of pilates, dance, yoga and functional training. The moves are choreographed to motivating music. You'll use our barres, exercise balls, bands and hand weights to sculpt, slim and stretch your body!

Monday Morning Mashup 

Ride to the beat of the hits from way back, way way back, and today. Enjoy our fun music videos as you enjoy the hits you remember all your life, while getting a good cardio sweat.

Manic Monday Night Ride

What better way to kick off the weekday then to kick it into overdrive with a one hour ride of high tempo, high energy music? It will be non-stop sprints and intensity, so we encourage you to bring an extra towel!

THEME RIDES: Rock and Ride, Hip Hop Wednesday, Throwback Thursday

Theme rides are so much fun! We incorporate many each week. Whether its rocking out to some of the classic rock and metal hits, to rapping to the beat of yesterday and todays hip hop hits, to going old school with some classic tunes, you'll love the vibe. Enjoy our music videos to bring back the memories.

Burn Burn Burn

Is 45 min enough for you? Well, how about a 1 hour ride where we incorporate weights throughout the ENTIRE class Not for one song, but for many. Your arms will feel the burn burn burn and so will you!

Intervals and Arms Ride  

This 60 minute class is completely on the bike and includes intense intervals as well as weights. Get your arms and cardio workout during this one hour class! This class has everything Cyclinsanity Fitness has to offer and you will love the ride.

Hardcore HIIT Cycle 

High intensity interval training is a form of cardio that alternates between low and high intensity. This constant variation of intensity keeps your mind focused on your time and speed. This class will be full of both hills and sprints. Burn as many calories as you can in only 30 minutes! 

The Triple Play 

A full incorporation of everything we have to offer here at Cyclinsanity Fitness. Start with a high intensity cycle workout. Then, move to our new circuit training room for a full body workout. Finish off by hitting out core room for a core and yoga cool down. We promise you that there is no other studio on Long Island offering an all-in-one class like this one, so please join us for our NEW 70 minute class!