Some studios claim to be the best around..we prove it!

Check out some new schedule class times..Mon and Fri at 730am, and Mon at 545pm..also check our new specials!!


Cindy instructs the following:
  • 50 minute class that incorporates 25-30 minutes cycling on the Matrix then 25 minute on the floor working on core movements that improve your posture and tones hips thighs and stomach using modern pilates based movement.

  • a combo of two of the most popular cardio workouts ! High intensity cycling on one of our unique cycles, along with some intense kicking and punching combinations on our bags,. If this class does not make you sweat nothing will!

  • are you a fan of circuit training or OTF?. Well here is our approach to using our matrix bikes along with TRX bands, kettle bells, plyo boxes and more. You will move from station to station in this 50 minute intense workout and feel the burn!


  • 50 min strength workout for your legs, core and upper body. Your aerobic and anaerobic systems will be challenging in this high intensity class. In addition you will utilize light dumbbell work for your upper body.

  • Start your weekend right?. Join us as we cycle, sweat and enjoy the ride! Following your workout, all members 21 and over will receive a complimentary drink coupon courtesy of Mesita Authentic Mexican Cuisine in Rockville Centre NY. Now that's a great workout!

    50 minute interval ride incorporate all elements of strength, endurance and recovery. All heart rates zones and all terrains. Learn to harness your power with this all inclusive class.