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WE ARE CYCLINSANITY FITNESS! Located in the heart of Rockville Centre, Long Island, New York. We are not your typical cycling studio. We give you a choice..Two separate dedicated cycling rooms, with two unique and different types of bikes. Cyclinsanity Fitness is striving to provide our clients with innovative, unique and energetic group cycling classes! Every class here is different. All classes are cycling based, but each class has a bit of variety which makes our studio FUN!!!! Our rooms are not overcrowded with bikes either, so you wont feel overwhelmed or overheated. We promise to give you the best fitness and/or cycling workout and have fun doing a new clean spotless facility, which we take a lot of pride hearing about from our members. So come and let us make you sweat!


CYCL-Kboxing is here!!!!! check out this intense workout!

PLEASE CHECK OUT OUR CANCELLATION POLICIES ON OUR FAQ PAGE THANKS (Members be advised that all individual class holders have a 4-hour window to cancel,and all unlimited have same procedures. Failure to cancel within these guidelines will result in a loss of class and/or a $15 late fee.. No exceptions..Thanks for your understanding.

Sweat it Don't Regret it!



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Cyclinsanity Fitness

202 Merrick Road

Rockville Centre, NY 11570

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